Where2Submit is a free index and search service
for academic publications and events

The service is developed and maintained by the International Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology (International ASET Inc).

For researchers:

In recent years we have witnessed a surge in the number of venues for academic publishing, as a vast number of new conferences, workshops, symposiums, congresses, courses, magazines, and journals have given researchers many options for submitting their work. This abundance of options, however, often makes it hard for researchers to find the venue that is most suited for their work. Researchers need to take into account a large number of parameters such as relevance, event date, submission date, price, location, reputation, and more. The goal of W2S is to provide researchers with a tool that can help them make this selection accurately, optimally, and painlessly.

At Where2Submit, we only list events that follow certain standards (for example having a technical committee), which means researchers can have a peace of mind regarding a baseline quality. Moreover, we allow for refining the search based a large number of parameters so that the RIGHT event can be identified based on highly personalized needs.

The service is 100% free to use. Just enter your search criteria, and we will provide you with several matching options to choose from!

For publishers and event organizers:

You can enter your event to be listed at Where2Submit for free. Just go to Add your Event or Journal and list your venue. But please note that the post will not go online until the review process is complete. To view our acceptance criteria, please refer to our Terms & Conditions