Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering

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The Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering is an international resource for original peer-reviewed research that advances the state of knowledge on all aspects of analysis, design, and technology development in ocean, offshore, arctic, and related fields. Its main goals are to provide a forum for timely and in-depth exchanges of scientific and technical information among researchers and engineers. It emphasizes fundamental research and development studies as well as review articles that offer either retrospective perspectives on well-established topics or exposures to innovative or novel developments. Case histories are not encouraged. The journal also documents significant developments in related fields and major accomplishments of renowned scientists by programming themed issues to record such events. Scope: Offshore Mechanics, Drilling Technology, Fixed and Floating Production Systems; Ocean Engineering, Hydrodynamics, and Ship Motions; Ocean Climate Statistics, Storms, Extremes, and Hurricanes; Structural Mechanics; Safety, Reliability, Risk Assessment.


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Publication Format:  Other

Editor in Chief
Lance Manuel
Country:  USA

American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Country: USA


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