International Journal of Heat and Technology

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The IJHT covers all kinds of subjects related to heat and technology, including but not limited to turbulence, combustion, cryogenics, porous media, multiphase flow, radiative transfer, heat and mass transfer, micro- and nanoscale systems, and thermophysical property measurement. The editorial board encourages the authors from all countries to submit papers on the relevant issues, especially those aimed at the practitioner as much as the academic. The papers should further our understanding of the said subjects, and make a significant original contribution to knowledge. The IJHT welcomes original research papers, technical notes and review articles on the following disciplines: Heat transfer Fluid dynamics Thermodynamics Turbulence Combustion Cryogenics Porous media Multiphase flow Radiative transfer Heat and mass transfer Micro- and nanoscale systems Thermophysical property measurement.


Heat transfer, Fluid dynamics

Publication Format:  Other

Editor in Chief
Enrico Lorenzini
Country:  Italy

Edizioni ETS
Country: Italy


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