IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

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IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (CG&A) bridges the theory and practice of computer graphics, visualization, virtual and augmented reality, and HCI. From specific algorithms to full system implementations, CG&A offers a unique combination of peer-reviewed feature articles and informal departments. Theme issues guest edited by leading researchers in their fields track the latest developments and trends in computer-generated graphical content, while tutorials and surveys provide a broad overview of interesting and timely topics. Regular departments further explore the core areas of graphics as well as extend into topics such as usability, education, history, and opinion. Each issue, the story of our cover focuses on creative applications of the technology by an artist or designer. Published six times a year, CG&A is indispensable reading for people working at the leading edge of computer-generated graphics technology and its applications in everything from business to the arts.


computer graphics, computing, graphic design, visualization, Computer science journal, Computer engineering journal

Publication Format:  Subscriptio

Editor in Chief
Torsten Möller
Country:  Austria


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