Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnology

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Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnology provides a state-of-the-science profile of new developments in transportation-related geotechnology from around the world. The Journal covers all types of transportation infrastructure, including bridges, retaining walls, roads, highways, railways, tunnels, culverts, seaports, airports, and related installations. Rigorously-reviewed research papers and reviews in the Journal address a broad range of subjects such as geotechnical design, construction and maintenance of transportation infrastructures, earthworks for transportation facilities, geomaterials and recycled materials; geotechnics for pavements, rail track, and airfield; geosynthetics and applications, sustainability, performance evaluation, rehabilitation, risk assessment and environmental issues. The Journal publishes original research articles and reviews.


Geotechnology, Geotechnical engineering journal

Publication Format:  Other

Editor in Chief
Hoe I. Ling
Country:  USA

Springer Publishing Company
Country: USA


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