Journal of Field Robotics

Publisher: John Wiley |  Publishing Format: Open Access   | Impact Factor:

The Journal focuses on experimental robotics and encourages publication of work that has both theoretical and practical significance. Authors will be encouraged to implement their work and demonstrate its utility on significant problems with emphasis on the underlying principles. That is, the Journal will encourage reporting on what was learned in doing the work, rather than merely on what was done. Also encouraged are comparative or meta-studies and verification of previously published results as well as reports of extended field experiments that seek to validate autonomous systems in representative environments. Systems papers will be welcome but they must include analysis and insight into why approaches work and the challenges still to be addressed. Studies of systems that have been fielded over extended durations are encouraged. The journal will publish only articles of high quality rather than achieving a particular number of papers or a ratio of accepted papers to those submitted.


robotics, mechatronics, Robotics journal, Mechatronics journal, Mechanical engineering journal

Publication Format:  Open Access

Editor in Chief
Sanjiv Singh
Country:  USA

John Wiley
Country: USA


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