Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems

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The Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems (JINT) publishes peer-reviewed and original, invited, survey and review papers. These papers should promote and disseminate scientific knowledge and information in the fields of system theory, control systems, distributed systems, bioengineering, robotics and automation, human-robot interaction, human-machine interfaces and interaction, robot ethics, social and service robotics, medical robotics, mechatronics, unmanned systems, multi-robot teams and networked swarms, machine intelligence, learning, system autonomy, cyber physical systems, and other related areas in which cutting edge technologies have been developed and applied to model, design, build and test complex engineering and autonomous systems. A major focus of JINT is system autonomy, levels of autonomy and metrics to measure autonomy as integral ingredients of designing and building high-confidence systems. JINT is the only peer-reviewed journal putting emphasis on system ‘intelligence’ and ‘intelligent behavior’ as desirable attributes of system design, which subseque


robotics, intelligent systems, Artificial intelligence journal, Robotics journal

Publication Format:  Subscriptio

Editor in Chief
Kimon P Valavanis
Country:  USA

Email:   kimon.valavanis@du.edu
Country: Germany

Website:   https://www.springer.com/journal/10846

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