Pervasive and Mobile Computing

Publisher: Elsevier |  Publishing Format: Open Access   | Impact Factor: 2.769

As envisioned by Mark Weiser as early as 1991, pervasive computing systems and services have truly become integral parts of our daily lives. Tremendous developments in a multitude of technologies ranging from personalized and embedded smart devices (e.g., smartphones, sensors, wearables, IoTs, etc.) to ubiquitous connectivity, via a variety of wireless mobile communications and cognitive networking infrastructures, to advanced computing techniques (including edge, fog and cloud) and user-friendly middleware services and platforms have significantly contributed to the unprecedented advances in pervasive and mobile computing. Cutting-edge applications and paradigms have evolved, such as cyber-physical systems and smart environments (e.g., smart city, smart energy, smart transportation, smart healthcare, etc.) that also involve human in the loop through social interactions and participatory and/or mobile crowd sensing.


mobile computing, smartphones, Computer science journal, Computer engineering journal

Publication Format:  Open Access

Editor in Chief
Sajal K. Das
Country:  United States

Country: Netherlands


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