Mechanics of Soft Materials

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This journal offers a unique forum for mechanical behaviour of soft materials including but not limited to polymers, elastomers, gels, rubberlike materials, soft biological materials and tissues.The journal aims at uniting considerations of various soft materials, which exhibit similarity in many aspects of their behaviour independently of the specific composition or biological function. The focus of the journal is on mechanics, chemo-mechanics, electro-mechanics, thermo-mechanics, biomechanics, failure and fracture of soft materials. It equally welcomes experiments, theory and computations and bridges the gap between mechanics and engineering applications. Although soft solids are the main subject of the journal, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish soft solids from viscous liquids (soft matter), which might also be considered for publication in the journal.


Materials, Mechanics, Mechanical engineering journal, Mechanics journal

Publication Format:  Open Access

Editor in Chief
Konstantin Volokh
Country:  Israel

Country: Switzerland


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