Combustion Science and Technology

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Combustion Science and Technology is an international journal which provides for open discussion and prompt publication of new results, discoveries and developments in the various disciplines which constitute the field of combustion. The editors invite original contributions dealing with flame and fire research, flame radiation, chemical fuels and propellants, reacting flows, thermochemistry, material synthesis, atmospheric chemistry and combustion phenomena related to aircraft gas turbines, chemical rockets, ramjets, automotive engines, furnaces and environmental studies. In so doing, the editors hope to establish a central vehicle for the rapid exchange of ideas and results emanating from the many diverse areas associated with combustion. Accordingly, both full-length papers on comprehensive studies, and communications of significant, but not fully explored, theoretical or experimental developments are included in the journal together with unsolicited and solicited comments on published matter and yearly, cumulative indices.


combustion, mechanical engineering, Mechanical engineering journal

Publication Format:  Open Access

Editor in Chief
Richard A. Yetter
Country:  USA

Taylor & Francis
Country: United Kingdom


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