International Journal for Computational Methods in Engineering Science and Mechanics

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The main aim of International Journal for Computational Methods in Engineering Science & Mechanics (CMES) is to provide a unique interdisciplinary forum to publish papers dealing with novel mathematical models, computational methods and algorithms, and applications of existing methods for the numerical simulation of natural processes arising in applied science (including engineering physics and bioengineering) and mechanics. Special emphasis is placed on both upstream and applied research, and on the transfer of technology to the industry in the areas of fluid mechanics, heat transfer, solid and structural mechanics in the disciplines of aerospace, chemical, civil, mechanical, electrical engineering, and computational biology and chemistry, and materials science. Papers dealing with novel computational methods to model current and emerging technologies in microelectromechanical systems, electromagnetics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and information technology are encouraged.



Publication Format:  Open Access

Editor in Chief
J. N. Reddy
Country:  USA

Taylor & Francis
Country: United Kingdom


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