International Journal of Smart and Nano Materials

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In the last decade, a wide range of smart materials and structures have been developed for aerospace, transportation, and civil engineering applications. Furthermore, there is an increased tendency to integrate smart materials with nanotechnology to develop novel materials or structures for the applications in sensors, actuators, biomaterials, multifunctional materials, structural health monitoring, etc. The combination of smart materials and nanotechnology provides many advantages, realizes novel designs that could not be achieved in traditional engineering, and also offers greater opportunities as well as challenges. The central aim of International Journal of Smart and Nano Materials is to publish original results, critical reviews, technical discussion, and book reviews related to this compelling research field: smart and nano materials, and their applications. The papers published in this journal will provide cutting edge information and instructive research guidance, encouraging more scientists to make their contribution to this dynamic research field.


nanomaterials, nanotechnology, smart materials, Nanocomposites, Nanotechnology journal, Material engineering journal, Nanomaterials journal

Publication Format:  Open Access

Editor in Chief
Jinsong Leng
Country:  China

Taylor & Francis
Country: United Kingdom


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