Journal of Turbulence

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Turbulence is a physical phenomenon occurring in most fluid flows, and is a major research topic at the cutting edge of science and technology. Journal of Turbulence ( JoT) is a digital forum for disseminating new theoretical, numerical and experimental knowledge aimed at understanding, predicting and controlling fluid turbulence. JoT provides a common venue for communicating advances of fundamental and applied character across the many disciplines in which turbulence plays a vital role. Examples include turbulence arising in engineering fluid dynamics (aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, particulate and multi-phase flows, acoustics, hydraulics, combustion, aeroelasticity, transitional flows, turbo-machinery, heat transfer), geophysical fluid dynamics (environmental flows, oceanography, meteorology), in physics (magnetohydrodynamics and fusion, astrophysics, cryogenic and quantum fluids), and mathematics (turbulence from PDE’s, model systems).


turbulence, fluid flows, fluid dynamics, mechanical engineering, Mechanical engineering journals

Publication Format:  Open Access

Editor in Chief
Ugo Piomelli
Country:  Canada

Taylor & Francis
Country: United Kingdom


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