Experimental Heat Transfer

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Experimental Heat Transfer provides a forum for experimentally based high quality research articles and communications in the general area of heat-mass transfer and the related energy fields. In addition to the established multifaceted areas of heat transfer and the associated thermal energy conversion, transport, and storage, the journal also communicates contributions from new and emerging areas of research such as micro- and nanoscale science and technology, life sciences and biomedical engineering, manufacturing processes, materials science, and engineering. Heat transfer plays an important role in all of these areas, particularly in the form of innovative experiments and systems for direct measurements and analysis, as well as to verify or complement theoretical models.


experimental, heat transfer, biomedical, mass transfer, energy conversion, Heat transfer journals, Energy journals, Renewable energy journals, Mechanical engineering journals

Publication Format:  Open Access

Editor in Chief
Dimos Poulikakos
Country:  Switzerland

Email:   dimos.poulikakos@ethz.ch
Taylor & Francis
Country: United Kingdom

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