Science and Technology for the Built Environment

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Science and Technology for the Built Environment, ASHRAE's archival research publication offers comprehensive reporting of original research in science and technology related to the stationary and mobile built environment, including Indoor environmental quality, occupant health, comfort, and productivity Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) and related technologies Thermodynamic and energy system dynamics, controls, optimization, fault detection and diagnosis, smart systems, and building demand-side management Experiments and analysis related to material properties, underlying thermodynamics, refrigerants, fluid dynamics, airflow, and heat and mass transfer Renewable and traditional energy systems and related processes and concepts Integrated built environmental system design approaches and tools Novel simulation approaches and algorithms and validated simulations Building enclosure materials, assemblies, and systems for minimizing and/or regulating space heating and cooling modes


built environment, energy, HVAC, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, indoor environmental quality, Environmental engineering journal, Energy journal, Renewable energy journals

Publication Format:  Open Access

Editor in Chief
Jeffrey Spitler
Country:  USA

Taylor & Francis
Country: United Kingdom


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