Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment

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Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment (B&BE) is an international open access journal publishing cutting-edge research. A modern world requires modern biotechnology and nanobiology. The journal is a forum that provides society with valuable information for a healthy and better life and promotes “the Science and Culture of Nature”. The journal publishes original research and reviews with a multidisciplinary perspective; expanded case reports with a focus on molecular medical research and advanced practice in evidence-based medicine are also considered. We welcome manuscripts in the fields of: Agriculture -Plant and animal genetics and genomics (omics technologies and gene techniques, biotic and abiotic stress; adaptive selection) -GMO and non-GMO coexistence -Plant health and protection (biological control, pathogen control, pest research) -TILLING and ecoTILLING platforms Bioeconomics and Health Policy -Economic analyses of the application of biotechnological and allied products in public healthcare Bioinformatics


Biotechnological, Biotechnological Equipment , Biotechnology journals

Publication Format:  Open Access

Editor in Chief
Atanas Atanassov
Country:  Bulgaria

Taylor & Francis
Country: UK


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