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The European Research Area has now become a reality. The prime objective of the EJECE is to fully document advances in International scientific and technical research in the fields of sustainable construction and soil engineering. In particular regard to the latter, the mechanical behavior of natural media (soils and rocks) in their environment and the mitigation of soil-related risks are now not only major societal challenges, but they are also the source of scientific and technical developments that could be extremely beneficial. Areas covered by the EJECE include rheology of geomaterials (cement, soils, rocks), natural media (muds, snow, ice, etc.) and granular materials, soil-fluid-structure interactions and their coupling with temperature, chemistry (degradation, etc.) and time (durability, ageing, etc.), computation and design of structures and engineering works. The new experimental facilities and measurement tools (metrology and sensors in laboratories and in the field, etc.) and the characterizing of displacement fields and of micro-meso-structures of materials (scanner, to


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Publication Format:  Open Access

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Christian La Borderie
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