International Journal of Water Resources Development

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Read our Instructions for Authors for simple instructions on how to submit your manuscript, and when you are ready, you can submit through our online submission system. The mission of the International Journal of Water Resources Development is to improve the access and use of water globally by publishing the latest developments in planning, policy-making and management from all over the word. The journal is read by academia, industry, policy-makers and legal teams globally because of high-quality papers published that can contribute to solving real world water problems. Authors are encouraged to submit papers which are policy and application oriented that explore: Technical, economic, financial, social, environmental, legal and institutional aspects of water; interdependences and inter-linkages between the water and the agricultural, energy, industry, health, environment and other sectors; specific case studies of water resources management and policy-making in developed and developing countries, past, present and future.


Environment, water

Publication Format:  Other

Editor in Chief
Cecilia Tortajada
Country:  Singapore

Taylor & Francis
Country: UK


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