Journal of Thermal Biology

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The Journal of Thermal Biology publishes articles that advance our knowledge on the ways and mechanisms through which temperature affects man and animals. This includes studies of their responses to these effects and on the ecological consequences. Directly relevant to this theme are: • The mechanisms of thermal limitation, heat and cold injury, and the resistance of organisms to extremes of temperature • The mechanisms involved in acclimation, acclimatization and evolutionary adaptation to temperature • Mechanisms underlying the patterns of hibernation, torpor, dormancy, aestivation and diapause • Effects of temperature on reproduction and development, growth, ageing and life-span • Studies on modelling heat transfer between organisms and their environment • The contributions of temperature to effects of climate change on animal species and man • Studies of conservation biology and physiology related to temperature • Behavioural and physiological regulation of body temperature including its pathophysiology and fever • Medical applications of hypo- and hy


Biology, Mechanisms, Thermal energy journal

Publication Format:  Other

Editor in Chief
H.-O. Pörtner
Country:  Belgium

Country: Netherlands


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