International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization

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The scope of the journal is to publish original contributions and reviews on studies, methodologies, instrumentation, and applications involving the analysis and characterization of polymers and polymeric-based materials, including synthetic polymers, blends, composites, fibers, coatings, supramolecular structures, polysaccharides, and biopolymers. The Journal will accept papers and review articles on the following topics and research areas involving fundamental and applied studies of polymer analysis and characterization: Characterization and analysis of new and existing polymers and polymeric-based materials. Design and evaluation of analytical instrumentation and physical testing equipment. Determination of molecular weight, size, conformation, branching, cross-linking, chemical structure, and sequence distribution. Using separation, spectroscopic, and scattering techniques. Surface characterization of polymeric materials. Measurement of solution and bulk properties and behavior of polymers. Studies involving structure-property-processing relationships, and polymer aging.


polymer, polymeric-based materials, synthetic polymers, coatings, biopolymers, Material science journal

Publication Format:  Open Access

Editor in Chief
Josef Janca
Country:  Czech Republic

Taylor & Francis
Country: United Kingdom


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