Solid-State Electronics

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It is the aim of this journal to bring together in one publication outstanding papers reporting new and original work in the following areas: (1) applications of solid-state physics and technology to electronics and optoelectronics, including theory and device design with appropriate experimental backup; (2) optical, electrical, morphological characterization techniques and parameter extraction with experimental application to real devices; (3) device fabrication and synthesis, including device-related new materials growth, electro-optical characterization and performance evaluation; (4) the physics and modeling of submicron and nanoscale microelectronic and optoelectronic devices, including processing, measurement, and performance evaluation; (5) modeling and simulation of solid-state devices and processes with appropriate experimental backup; (6) nanoscale electronic and optoelectronic devices for various applications, including photovoltaics, sensing, micro- and nano-mechanical (MEMS/NEMS) systems, quantum computation and communication.


electronics, nanotechnology, electrical, MEMS, NEMS

Publication Format:  Open Access

Editor in Chief
Enrique Calleja
Country:  Spain

Country: Netherlands


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