Extreme Mechanics Letters

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Extreme Mechanics Letters (EML) enables rapid communication of research that highlights the role of mechanics in multi-disciplinary areas across materials science, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering. Emphasis is on the impact, depth and originality of new concepts, methods and observations at the forefront of applied sciences. EML publishes letter-sized articles, as well as invited reviews and articles on topics of special interest. The goal is to have the papers published online within 6-8 weeks upon submission. EML covers experimental, theoretical, and computational mechanics of processes at all size and time scales. Of particular interest is the progress in mechanics that advances the fields of vital importance to the society, including, but not limited to, health science, energy systems, the environment, food and water, climate, and security.


Mechanics, Engineering, Chemistry, Mechanics journal, Mechanical engineering journal, Chemical engineering journal

Publication Format:  Open Access

Editor in Chief
K. J. Hsia
Country:  Singapore

Email:   kjhsia@ntu.edu.sg
Country: Netherlands

Website:   https://www.journals.elsevier.com/extreme-mechanics-letters

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