Experimental and Molecular Pathology

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Under new editorial leadership, Experimental and Molecular Pathology presents original articles on disease processes in relation to structural and biochemical alterations in mammalian tissues and fluids and on the application of newer techniques of molecular biology to problems of pathology in humans and other animals. The journal also publishes selected interpretive synthesis reviews by bench level investigators working at the "cutting edge" of contemporary research in pathology. In addition, special thematic issues present original research reports that unravel some of Nature's most jealously guarded secrets on the pathologic basis of disease. Research Areas include: • Stem cells • Neoangiogenesis • Molecular diagnostics • Polymerase chain reaction • In situ hybridization • DNA sequencing • Cell receptors • Carcinogenesis • Pathobiology of neoplasia • Complex infectious diseases • Transplantation • Cytokines • Flow cytomeric analysis • Inflammation • Cellular injury • Immunology and hypersensitivity • Athersclerosis


Experimental, Fluids, Material engineering journal

Publication Format:  Open Access

Editor in Chief
Robert E. Lewis
Country:  USA

Email:   rlewis@unmc.edu
Country: Netherlands

Website:   https://www.journals.elsevier.com/experimental-and-molecular-pathology

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