Environmental Politics

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Environmental Politics is an international, multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal, which provides a forum for the publication of original research into, and discussion and analysis of, the diverse theoretical and empirical aspects of environmental politics. It is primarily concerned with scholarship focusing on: political parties, social movements, NGOs, and campaigns; the design, negotiation, and implementation of environmental policy; and environmental political thought. The journal also explores the ideas generated by environmental groups and organizations that underpin policy interventions of all kinds, and critically and normatively examines environmental concerns. Environmental Politics embraces the diverse ways in which 'the environment' is and has been constructed and understood, and the range of social and political strategies pursued in protecting it. The journal is open to the use of a variety of methods and theoretical approaches to studying environmental politics, and welcomes submissions on the politics of global, national, and local scales of action and meaning,


Environmental , Politics, Environmental engineering journal, Environmental protection journal

Publication Format:  Open Access

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Christopher Rootes
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Taylor & Francis
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