Journal of Coordination Chemistry

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The Journal of Coordination Chemistry publishes the results of original investigations of coordination complexes, loosely defined as the interactions of organic or inorganic ligands with metal centres. Original investigations may involve syntheses, structures, physical and chemical properties, kinetics and mechanisms of reactions, calculations and applications of coordination compounds. The applications may involve bioinorganic, organometallic, catalytic, solid state/materials, coordination chemistry of nanostructured surfaces and medicinal studies. The Journal publishes original manuscripts, communications and reviews. Original manuscripts are expected to provide a clear contribution to the advance of coordination chemistry. Communications are short manuscripts with an urgency that requires rapid publication. Reviews are welcome in all areas of coordination chemistry and may focus on the metal, ligand or applications. Reviews of emerging areas of coordination chemistry should be developed fully from the basics, carefully relating the topic to the field in general. Reviews of we


Chemistry, nanostructured

Publication Format:  Open Access

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Jim D. Atwood
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