Singapore Journal of Cardiology

Publisher: Larix International Pte Ltd |  Publishing Format: Open Access   | Impact Factor: 1.864

SJC is a peer-reviewed and an open access journal publishes original research articles, epidemiological studies, recent methodological clinical studies, case reports, discovery and design of clinical trials, review articles in cardiovascular medicine. Singapore Journal of Cardiology provides the diverse platform for all the Doctors, researchers, academicians, surgeons for publication across a wide range of scientific and medical disciplines in all the fields of Cardiology and Critical care. It covers all the aspects of innovative information in the treatment of various cardiological disorders.


Cardiology, Heart disorders, Internal medicine, heart critical care

Publication Format:  Open Access
Publication Fee:  $ 299USD
Year Established:   2017
Periodicity:   Monthly
Editor in Chief
Dr. Omar Alonzo Villagran
Country:  USA

Larix International Pte Ltd
Country: Singapore


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