Reaction Chemistry and Engineering

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Reaction Chemistry & Engineering is a new journal reporting cutting edge research into all aspects of making molecules for the benefit of fundamental research, applied processes and wider society. From fundamental, molecular-level chemistry to large scale chemical production, Reaction Chemistry & Engineering brings together communities of chemists and chemical engineers working to ensure the crucial role of reaction chemistry in today’s world. The journal’s focused mission encompasses a broad range of topic areas, including experimental, theoretical and modelling aspects in the following. -Development of new reactions and methodologies -Reaction screening and optimization -Reaction pathways and design -Reaction mechanism and kinetics -Reaction analysis and monitoring -Catalysis and catalytic reaction engineering:Heterogeneous;Homogeneous;Biocatalysis -Electrochemical synthesis and electrocatalysis -Multiphase and reacting flows -Emerging reactor technologies -Sustainable reaction engineering -Catalyst design through structure-function investigation -Reactive separations


Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemical engineering journal, Chemistry journal

Publication Format:  Other

Editor in Chief
Klavs F Jensen
Country:  USA

Royal Society of Chemistry
Country: UK


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