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Nanomaterials are materials with typical size features in the lower nanometer size range and characteristic mesoscopic properties; for example quantum size effects. These properties make them attractive objects of fundamental research and potential new applications. The scope of Nanomaterials covers the preparation, characterization and application of all nanomaterials. The following examples may provide a guide to what will be covered (not exclusive): Nanomaterials: Nanoparticles, coatings and thin films, inorganic-organic hybrids and composites (i.e. MOFs), membranes, nano-alloys, quantum dots, self-assemblies, graphene, nanotubes, etc. Methodologies: Synthesis of organic, inorganic, and hybrid nanomaterials, Characterization of mesoscopic properties, Modelling of nanomaterials and/or mesoscopic effects. Applications: Any application of new nanomaterials or new application of nanomaterials


Nanomaterials, Nanomaterial journal, Nanoengineering journal, Nanoscience journal

Publication Format:  Other

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Shirley Chiang
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Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
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