Memetic Computing

Publisher: Springer |  Publishing Format: Other   | Impact Factor: 2.674

Memes have been defined as basic units of transferrable information that reside in the brain and are propagated across populations through the process of imitation. From an algorithmic point of view, memes have come to be regarded as building-blocks of prior knowledge, expressed in arbitrary computational representations (e.g., local search heuristics, fuzzy rules, neural models, etc.), that have been acquired through experience by a human or machine, and can be imitated (i.e., reused) across problems. The Memetic Computing journal welcomes papers incorporating the aforementioned socio-cultural notion of memes into artificial systems, with particular emphasis on enhancing the efficacy of computational and artificial intelligence techniques for search, optimization, and machine learning through explicit prior knowledge incorporation.


memetic algorithm, computational intelligence, computing, machine learning, Information technology journal

Publication Format:  Other

Editor in Chief
Chuan-Kang Ting
Country:  Taiwan

Country: Germany


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