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Chemical Engineering World (CEW), the Official Organ of CHEMTECH Foundation, is India’s premier technology magazine for the chemical process industry professionals. This highly reputed monthly publication provides novel insights on the dynamics of Indian and global process industries. CEW has been disseminating authentic information on process industry innovations for the last 42 years. The time-tested contents of CEW cover advances in science & technology, research & development, reviews & forecasts , new products, processes & technologies, upcoming projects, outstanding performance by individuals and organisations, events, product reviews, industry surveys, news, case studies, and most significantly, practice -oriented articles by industry experts. A niche publication with proven track record, Chemical Engineering World has been chronicling process industry innovation for more than four decades.


Chemical Engineering , Chemical engineering journal, Chemistry journal

Publication Format:  Other

Editor in Chief
Stephen Allen
Country:  UK

Elsevier BV
Country: Netherlands


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