Steel and Composite Structures

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Steel & Composite Structures, An International Journal, provides and excellent publication channel which reports the up-to-date research developments in the steel structures and steel-concrete composite structures, and FRP plated structures from the international steel community. The research results reported in this journal address all the aspects of theoretical and experimental research, including Buckling/Stability, Fatigue/Fracture, Fire Performance, Connections, Frames/Bridges, Plates/Shells, Composite Structural Components, Hybrid Structures, Fabrication/Maintenance, Design Codes, Dynamics/Vibrations, Nonferrous Metal Structures, Non-metalic plates, Analytical Methods. The Journal specially wishes to bridge the gap between the theoretical developments and practical applications for the benefits of both academic researchers and practicing engineers. In this light, contributions from the practicing engineers are especially welcome.


Structures, Structural engineering journal, Material sciences journal

Publication Format:  Open Access

Editor in Chief
P.D. Spanos
Country:  USA

Elsevier BV
Country: Netherlands


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