IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine

Publisher: IEEE Xplore |  Publishing Format: Other   | Impact Factor: 4.481

The magazine covers the subject areas represented by the Society's transactions, including: analog, passive, switch capacitor, and digital filters; electronic circuits, networks, graph theory, and RF communication circuits; system theory; discrete, IC, and VLSI circuit design; multidimensional circuits and systems; large-scale systems and power networks; nonlinear circuits and systems, wavelets, filter banks, and applications; neural networks; and signal processing. Content also covers the areas represented by the Society technical committees: analog signal processing, cellular neural networks and array computing, circuits and systems for communications, computer-aided network design, digital signal processing, multimedia systems and applications, neural systems and applications, nonlinear circuits and systems, power systems and power electronics and circuits, sensors and micromaching, visual signal processing and communication, and VLSI systems and applications.


circuits, electronic circuits, networks, neural networks, array computing, communication , digital signal processing, multimedia systmes, power electronics, sensors and micromaching, visual signal processing, Electronics journal, Electrical engineering journal

Publication Format:  Other

Editor in Chief
Yiran Chen
Country:  USA

IEEE Xplore
Country: USA


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