Engineering Solid Mechanics

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Engineering Solid Mechanics (ESM) is an online international journal for publishing high quality peer reviewed papers in the field of theoretical and applied solid mechanics. The primary focus is to exchange ideas about investigating behavior and properties of engineering materials (such as metals, composites, ceramics, polymers, FGMs, rocks and concretes, asphalt mixtures, bio and nano materials) and their mechanical characterization (including strength and deformation behavior, fatigue and fracture, stress measurements, etc.) through experimental, theoretical and numerical research studies. Researchers and practitioners (from deferent areas such as mechanical and manufacturing, aerospace, railway, bio-mechanics, civil and mining, materials and metallurgy, oil, gas and petroleum industries, pipeline, marine and offshore sectors) are encouraged to submit their original, unpublished contributions.


Solid Mechanics, Mechanics journal, Mechanical engineering journal

Publication Format:  Other

Editor in Chief
Mohammad Reza Aliha
Country:  Iran

Growing Science
Country: Canada


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