Earthquake and Structures

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The Earthquakes and Structures, An International Journal, focuses on the effects of earthquakes on civil engineering structures. The journal will serve as a powerful repository of technical information and will provide a highimpact publication platform for the global community of researchers in the traditional, as well as emerging, subdisciplines of the broader earthquake engineering field. Specifically, some of the major topics covered by the Journal include: .. characterization of strong ground motions, .. quantification of earthquake demand and structural capacity, .. design of earthquake resistant structures and foundations, .. experimental and computational methods, .. seismic regulations and building codes, .. seismic hazard assessment, .. seismic risk mitigation, .. site effects and soil-structure interaction, .. assessment, repair and strengthening of existing structures, including historic structures and monuments, and .. emerging technologies including passive control technologies, structural monitoring systems, and cyberinfrastructure tools for seismic data management, exp


Structures, civil engineering , Civil engineering journal, Structural engineering journal

Publication Format:  Other

Editor in Chief
Shih-Chi Liu
Country:  USA

Country: South Korea


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